Employment - Summer Camp Staff- Through early August!


Are you a college student looking for an awesome summer experience?  You have come to the right place, at Camp Onomia we offer a full summer of fun, laughter and memories.  Here you will experience a summer of faith filled community and small group atmosphere while sharing your faith and working with people of all ages! 

Summer employment runs May 28th, 2019 through August 9th. There will be vacation week scheduled June 30 - July 6th. The typical work week runs Sunday noon through Friday at 5 PM. We ask you to assist retreat programs during two weekends through the summer as part of your summer agreement. Applicants should complete the application form located to the right, and give reference forms to 2 adults who can comment on your character. This should not be your roommate or family . We check employment history and do a background check prior to your interaction with guests. Invite a friend to apply with you!

We are happy to work with your school or department to arrange an internship for you. Common areas include religion, social, teaching, communications, and environmental studies majors. If you need to do an internship this summer, this just might be the right place for you! Pay is the same as the position you would hold.

If you are interested  in summer employment please
check out our applications
located to the right and apply today.
Base pay begins at $310 per week plus room and board! Sorry, afternoon ice cream is on your own :-)

Camp Counselors

Get ready for the best summer of your life!  You will get the opportunity to work with a team of exciting, motivated and faith filled counselors to provide an outdoor ministry experience for kids of all ages.  You can spend your summer playing games, engaging in Bible Studies, campfires, worships, canoeing, swimming and much more!  If variety, fun, and the outdoors are what you are looking for, then look no further than Camp Onomia.  What is God calling you to do today?



Are you a American Red Cross certified Lifeguard?  Enjoy working with kids The opprotunities are endles from working our guarded beach front to canoe/adventure trips! If this sounds like you then apply today to  be a Camp Counselor/Lifeguard.  As a bonus each lifeguard will receive $10  extra per week at camp!

Kitchen Assistants

 The camp experience provides many different jobs opportunities. One of the most important jobs at Camp Onomia is working in the kitchen!  Your time will be spent working alongside our experienced Cooks putting together meals throughout the summer!  This is a great summer position as well as a chance to gain alot of culinary experience!

As long as Kitchen duties are performed, we encourage Kitchen Assistants to involve themselves in the other daily activities like worship, afternoon rotations, and evening campfires!

Maintenance Staff

Are you handy?  Can you think on your feet?  Do you have a creative mind and a great work ethic?  If you said yes to everything so far then you might be a great fit for our summer maintenance position.  You will spend time fixing small projects around camp, operating large equiptment to mow the large grass areas around camp and helping with putting together campfires.  This is an awesome summer full of fun, fellowship and great memories!