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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How do I register for summer camp?
  2. Question 2, What does my child need to bring to summer youth camp?.
  3. Question 3, How do I book a retreat?
  4. Question 4, Do you have to be Lutheran to attend camp or retreat here?.
  5. Question 5, What is a member congregation?
  6. Question 6, How can I help?.
  7. Question 7, Does Onomia have a mailing list or monthly newsletter I can sign up for?
  8. Question 8, I want to donate, tell me a bit about the camp's financial situation?
  9. Question 9, Who runs Onomia and what is your religious base?

Answer 1:

There are three ways to register for an Onomia Program.  A. Online via the links on the program pages. You will need a credit card or checking account for your deposit. B. Download a form from the Programs page and mail it to camp with your deposit. 3. Get a form or brochure from a member church office and mail the form with your deposit.

Answer 2:

When you register for summer programs, you will receive attachments including a health form and a camper newsletter with the info you will need. There will also be links on the program page of this site to these PDF files..

Answer 3:

Give us a call or drop us an email with your request. We will confirm a date for you and enter into a contract agreement which will require a deposit to hold your date.

Answer 4:

Onomia is owned by an association of Lutheran congregations with a long history with the ELCA and its previous church bodies.  Our mission is to provide high quality programs and facilities to people of all denomonations. We welcome all who gather here. We reserve the right to restrict use by groups which conflict with our Christian base.

Answer 5:

A member congregation is a church which has petitioned the association to membership and consistenly pays an annual financial committment of $2.50 per baptized member. Member congregations gain voting responsibilities and participants who are members of these churches receive discounted program fees as a result of this support. See  the list of member congregations on the About Us page.

Answer 6:

You can partner with the ministries of Onomia through financial support, participation in programs, and through volunteer opportunities. See the We Need You page for details!.

Answer 7:

YES! Email us and we would be happy to add you to our mailing list and monthly e-news!

Answer 8:

We would sincerely appreciate your support! In a nutshell, Camp Onomia has been "in the black" for the past three years. We have an annual budget of about $350,000. 90% of our summer campers receive financial assistance to attend here, either through congregational gifts or by reduced program fees. We can't do it with out you! Gifts are tax deductable.

Answer 9:

There are two full time and 4 part time year-round folks on staff. We hire an additional 18 college aged adults to assist with summer programs.  We invite all people to encounter Christ through Creation and Community during their stay at Camp Onomia! Camp Onomia is an ELCA 501c3 nonprofit organization and a member of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.